Will any USB C device works with any USB C charger?

USB C, technically known as USB Type C, is developed by the USB Implementer Forum. It is the emerging industry-standard connector for transmitting both data and power. USB-C is the first physical plug in the USB family thats completely reversible. No more paying attention to up or down, input or output. The USB-C works when plugged in from any direction, no matter what.

USB-C is not proprietary connector from Apple, but Apple's new MacBook is the first consumer notebook to embrace USB-C. Over one night, almost all the major technology companies are moving to USB-C as their standard format for cellphones, tablets, and even the latest slim notebooks and laptops. Including Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Huawei, Lenovo, Samsung and of course Nintendo Switch.

Although USB C cable is supposed to support all USB-C modes in theory, but USB Type-C have different protocols, and it's backward compatible. For example the USB C type which supports the 2.0 version will not be compatible with USB 3 or Thunderbolt port.

Laptops that rely entirely on USB-C, meanwhile, might not charge with any charger. HP think a bad charger could damage the device, or cause it to malfunction. Its Spectre x2 wouldnt charge with any USB-C charger besides its own.

Though we havent personally heard of any damage from using a laptop USB-C charger to a different one. Its a good idea to buy cables and chargers from reputable sources.