SNAPNATOR SnapCable Magnetic Charging Cable for  MacBook

$29.99 $49.99
We all remember and love the MagSafe connector on Mac. We want to bring the MagSafe back to your Mac.

• Compatible with USB-C MacBook and other Type C devices
• Snapnator Cable is rated up to 87 watts (20 volts at 4.3 amps) power
• The new Snapnator Magnetic Head is the sleekest and smallest adapter ever made
• 6.6ft / 2.0m length nylon braided cord making the product more durable
• Power delivery only. Data and video are not supported
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Customer Reviews

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Does what it says on the box

Does what it says on the box

Works great!

My wife and I have been using these on our MacBook Pros for several months, and are very pleased with them!

We don't need data-transfer capability, so the smaller form factor of these charging-only cables is much appreciated. The larger snapnators end up blocking the second usb-c port on MacBook Pros, but this smaller charging-only system keeps that other port open to use - that's a huge plus. The adapters don't pull out easily (win) and the magnetic connection is just right - not too weak, not too strong. Excellent product for our needs!

Victor Z

One cable is out of order. Accidentally jerked his laptop at an angle and place of articulation with a magnet and two wires broke away with a piece of plastic.