SNAPNATOR SnapCable Magnetic Charging Cable for  MacBook

$29.99 $49.99
We all remember and love the MagSafe connector on Mac. We want to bring the MagSafe back to your Mac.

• Compatible with USB-C MacBook and other Type C devices
• Snapnator Cable is rated up to 87 watts (20 volts at 4.3 amps) power
• The new Snapnator Magnetic Head is the sleekest and smallest adapter ever made
• 6.6ft / 2.0m length nylon braided cord making the product more durable
• Power delivery only. Data and video are not supported
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Customer Reviews

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Got it delivered and doesn't work straight out of the packet. Macbook won't even register its plugged into a charger. Will only refund if I pay for postage to deliver a product that is faulty. Cheap crap. Do not buy. Poor customer service.



Almost perfect

This is exactly what I wanted to replace the Magsafe on my old Macbook. The Snapnator version mostly does what I want. There are two issues:

1. Sometimes the magnetic connector pulls the entire USB-C connector out of the computer.
2. More serious, I sometimes have to press the entire assembly (USB-C and the magnetic connector) in very hard for the computer to begin charging. It is like the connection is not quite secure enough.

I'd still but another...they just need to tweak the design a little to make the USB-C more secure and the connection a little better.

Does what it says on the box

Does what it says on the box

Works great!

My wife and I have been using these on our MacBook Pros for several months, and are very pleased with them!

We don't need data-transfer capability, so the smaller form factor of these charging-only cables is much appreciated. The larger snapnators end up blocking the second usb-c port on MacBook Pros, but this smaller charging-only system keeps that other port open to use - that's a huge plus. The adapters don't pull out easily (win) and the magnetic connection is just right - not too weak, not too strong. Excellent product for our needs!