Invite Partners:

Because of the Snapnator's business and market strategy development needs, is now facing the global Recruitment partners to jointly develop and create wealth.

For agents at different levels, the corresponding support contents of the price, market, profit, training, agents need to have perfect strategy and marketing plan.

The first is the responsibility of both the right to clear definition, then relates to the publicity and sign of regional management, training, unified management, bidding management, conflict management (multi agents competing for the same project), continuation and termination of cooperation.

According to the Snapnator's annual marketing plan, agents need to develop appropriate regional marketing plans, including industry seminars, key customer visits, major exhibitions, etc..

Snapnator provides a full set of complete legal procedures; the implementation of the company's unified guidance price.


Cooperation Requirements:

  1. Agents must have legitimate business qualifications;
  2. To provide the documents: copy of the business license and official seal, a copy of ID card of the legal representative and signed by my name, and sent to us.
  3. Have a certain marketing network and a marketing team is preferred;
  4.  A good business reputation, strong dedication and sincere cooperation;
  5. The company after examination and approval, the two sides signed the "agency agreement";


Cooperation Model:

  1. Regional product agent
  2. Project operation
  3. Joint tender
  4. Customized service


Cooperation Advantage:

  1. Advanced and reliable technical advantages and excellent quality.
  2. Strong product research and development efforts to ensure that new products continue to emerge.
  3. Reasonable price to ensure the profitability of the dealer, a good after-sales service system to exempt dealers from worries.
  4. Mature, experienced market guidance and management programs to ensure the sustainability of cooperation.